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[Translate to English:] BioMove - Integrating biodiversity research with movement ecology

BioMove is a Research Training Group (RTG) funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) starting October 2015. BioMove is coordinated by the University of Potsdam (UP, spokesperson Prof. Dr. Florian Jeltsch) and links state-of-the-art concepts and methods in movement ecology and biodiversity research, integrating relevant topics of genetics, evolution, behaviour, community and landscape ecology, and imparting highly demanded skills in advanced statistical and process-based modelling. We are involved in several projects on movement ecology and telemetry data analysis as well as disease and community modelling at the landscape scale.

Bridging in Biodiversity Science - BIBS

The overarching goal of the BMBF funded Berlin-Brandenburg Institute of Advanced Biodiversity Research is to bridge disciplines, scales and systems in biodiversity research. The BIBS project constitutes a core study within the BBIB framework, aiming to provide a proof-of-principle for the bridging approach. The research team is involved in the work package "rural-urban coupling"


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